Daphne S. Leger

Catalyze professionals to do more daring & impactful innovation


Atrevidea & Daphne can help you in the following ways (both in person & virtual) :

  • Innovation Consulting, Advising & Mentoring to individuals or teams

  • Conferences on innovation, design thinking, lean startup, & the innovative mind

  • Workshops teaching innovation/design thinking/lean/creativity

  • Facilitation of Innovation Sessions (Challenge Alignment, Ideation, Design sprint, etc)


"Daphne's innovation workshop alternates theory with practice and concrete exercises. It was worth it for me and for the team to disconnect from the day to day to participate. We came out with ideas that were implementable that same week. "

Alix F. - Direct Marketing - Chubb Insurance Mexico

"Excellent talk that inspires and invites immediate action to try small changes in the day to day that can bring us closer to the bigger things we strive for."

Marco Hernández Carnalla - Corporate Innovation Leader - SURA Mexico

"Agile session with a very actionable methodology that focuses you on the critical aspects of your project."

Claudia Ciprés - Corporate Training Manager - Cinépolis

"Daphne is a speaker who masters the subject and was very clear and direct in her explanation. Although they are topics that involve complexity, she made it very light and entertaining. She managed to awaken the audience's sense of reflection."

Jorge León - CEO - ASKHA México, A.C.

"We have counted on Daphne to train our teams in agile methodologies and innovation. 100% of the participants would recommend the workshop in addition to identifying what was taught as applicable and useful for their projects. Daphne provides concepts that are easy to apply and that open your mind when planning a project. Her exercises manage to have an audience of 100 people totally hooked and participating for an hour and a half with a 100% online methodology."

Yolanda González - Training and Development - Cine Yelmo (Spain)

"An excellent workshop that should be taken by any entrepreneur looking to learn more about their market and validate a business idea at an early stage. The tools that were shared were very valuable."

Nitzia Peña Reyes - Social Entrepreneurship - Tec de Monterrey

"We were very pleased with the knowledge shared to help participants think about creating value, listening to the user and solving problems by turning them into opportunities."

MBA Dulce Bereniss Rodríguez López - Entrepreneurship Director, Economic Department - Sinaloa State

"It exceeded my expectations in that in a short time I learned a lot about creativity. Daphne is an instructor who motivates us to be creative and innovative."

Pablo Medina Llamas, Academic Secretary - Technologic University of Aguascalientes

"I loved the workshop, simple techniques with great results, capable of turning anyone into a creator of innovation."

Jessica Alonso - Institutional Management - Santo Toribio Romo Clinic

"An online workshop that had a lot of dynamism and collective participation. In addition to learning the tools that can be applied, it makes us see that creativity and innovation have no limits."

Manuel López Chávez - Head of Technical Office - Aguascalientes Educational Institute


Daphne S. Leger, founder of Atrevidea, is an innovation expert. She is a citizen of the world who began her story in France, and after a few stops through India, Canada, and the United States, is putting down roots in Mexico. A graduate of Harvard Business School, she has over 10 years of experience spanning international development, leadership in technology and healthcare startups, and corporate innovation. Daphne has given numerous innovation conferences, courses and workshops. She is a professor at TEC de Monterrey, and is a coach and mentor through various global entrepreneurship/innovation programs. Her goal in life is to turn on the lightbulb for people and thus help them unlock their full potential!


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